Shell Plates Renewal

ship repair 4

Hatch cover, Coaming and Trackway repairs /Bulwark Repairs

Pre-fabricated Bulwark fitted/welded full lengths. Domain experts undertake every kind of hatch cover works which includes construction, reconstruction or repair, ensuring top-notch work and customer satisfaction.


Bulbous Bow Repair


Maintenance of Boiler (Plugging & Renewal of boiler tubes, insulation & other maintenance)

Our team takes care from start to finish from the point of installation of machines to its operations, maintenance, troubleshooting & all other related services. Our SME’sdoes offer guidance about proper combustion, effective utilization of heat and provide other energy conservation tips in keeping purview of customer interests.

We do also offer services like Ship Name Marking, Plimsol Marking, Fabrication/repairs of Panama Chock and Fair Lead Seat.